Don’t neglect your website, marketing strategy or social media profiles just because you don’t have time to write!

I am a multifaceted professional writer with over  15 years experience writing marketing copy for businesses and non-profit organizations. Located in the NY/NJ/Philly area, I work with businesses and not-for-profit organizations across the US, helping them reach out and connect to future clients while keeping existing customers happy.

Digital marketing is the cornerstone of every company that needs to promote their brand and reach customers online. I have worked on many digital marketing projects over the last 5 years, writing SEO-optimized web content, creating social media content, creating videos, and promoting content across the internet. I also have worked on projects involving email marketing, copywriting, white papers, corporate training, newsletters, proposals, phone sales scripts, customer support content, and product user guides.

At many organizations, writing tasks are given a low priority, and are frequently completed by engineers who don’t know how to connect with a reader, or a marketing team member who doesn’t have the technical background to understand the material. With degrees in journalism and education, and a background in computer software and technology,  I can fill this gap and write informative content for your target audience. I specialize in taking any complex idea and turning it into a message that your audience can understand.

It’s time for you take a good look at your business or organization, and find out how I can help you improve communication, design and implement a content strategy for your website, or help you promote your business on the right social media platforms.